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Hi Boss Rhyno 007, Love Therapist, please I am in a tight corner at this moment in this relationship and I need your assistance out of it. I am a man of 35 years who is married to a matured lady of 30 years old of age and God has additionally honored us with a 6-year-old young daughter who lives with my mum inlaw since my better half was conveyed to a rural region and I to an urban region because of the nature of our jobs in the community.

My better half lives with her friends in the same compound, however, have a separate apartment. The person assigned by the landlord, in charge of taking care of the house resides in the same compound with 3 of his kids and his wife.

Presently the issue is that last week Saturday evening, I had to call the person in charge of the compound in response as regards the application which my better half had given me at some point back and had been giving me enough pressure to fill and return. As we were talking, I just asked him how my better half was and he answered that she was fine yet had gone to her mom’s place to see her and her child on Friday morning since that is the place she revealed to him she was going to because she hadn’t seen them for some time. I was amazed on the grounds that we had chatted on Friday night and she didn’t utter a word that way or let me discuss with my kid. This is really not giving me a clue on the reason why she is handling our relationship this way.

After that discussion, my Love Therapist, I called her sister and after exchanging much greetings and pleasantries, I kind of asked of my baby girl and she said she was fine and asked and proceeded to inquire as to whether my better half was there of which she said she wasn’t. So I finished the call and called her up to 6 times which she didn’t pick, just to call me 45 minutes after a while to apologize for not picking since she was outside washing when she was not even at that house, which means she deceived her friends and the person in charge of the compound that she was going to see mum and the child when in truth she didn’t go there. I just said alright, that I simply just care about her welfare afterward cut the call. I haven’t called her from that point forward on the grounds that my heart has been disturbed and heavy.

Please, how would I approach these issues as regards my relationship? For what reason did she lie, where did she go to? Who was she with being with my kid? I’m nearly losing my brain please help me. This has caused a hole in my heart and I’m bleeding and don’t really know why my better half is treating me this way.


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