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Android/Smartphone - Many Things You Should Never Do On Your Android Or Smart Phone - Inemac


Android Phone 

Android Phone can also be termed or known as a Smartphone. It is a day to day companion of an individual that enables him or her to communicate with other individuals or group of people so as to keep abreast of vital information necessary. Many people buy Android or Smartphone for various reasons but be that as it may, it is a necessity to acquire a SmartphoneIt can also be used to store data or information which can later be used now or in the future for relevant purposes. It will be a worthwhile experience to know that the Smartphone which is being acquired or bought is well preserved in order to serve the purpose for a long time. Because of how vital an Android or a Smartphone is, there are definitely many things you should never do on your Android or Smart Phone.

1. Not Making Use Of Protective Device On Phone

When a Smartphone is not protected, the phone may consciously or unconsciously get damaged beyond repair and the cost of putting it in place most time is costly. What is used in protecting it is always affordable. This comes in two ways. Protection of the screen and the body of the phone. For the screen, the use of a screen guard is necessary to protect the screen of the phone from getting damaged and the use of Phone cover for the body of the phone in order to make it neat and free from scratches for a long time.

2. Not Making Use Of Security Or Passwords On Your Smartphone

Making use of security measures on an android phone means applying all strategies on it so that only you alone can have access to it and preventing it from intruders or strangers having access to it by chance, it gets lost or it enters into the wrong hands. Security measures on an android or a Smartphone vary. Some of them are Screen lock (Swipes), Fingerprint, Face Unlock, Smart lock, Use of Pins, blocking pattern.  This guarantees the safety of information or data on the phone.

3. Making Use Of Public WIFI

When making use of Public Wi-Fi, one should be careful of sending and receiving information to and fro phone so that out of ignorance not release or lose important data.

4. Not Buying Affordable Smartphone

Some people go as far as buying a very expensive Smartphone and become hypertensive when at any given point in time any slight defect or maybe loss happens to it. Make a research about the phone within your financial powers that would satisfy your quest or desire. Most importantly, try and buy affordable, durable and good quality smartphones, putting your mind at rest.

5. Allowing Your Android Or Smart Phone To Charge All Through The Night

This action is being done with the notion of having a battery fully 100% intact that would last through the day. When this is done continuously over time, the Smartphone battery would become weak gradually and with time, the assumed fully 100% battery would not last for as long as we wish it would last.

6. Charging Android Phone With The Use Of USB Charger

Most people charge their Smartphones by inserting the USB cord to the laptop USB port and connecting it to the Smartphone. It definitely will charge but at a slower rate. In order to have your phone charge faster and well enough, you will have to make use of a power supply with the use of a recommended power charger. This is one of the many things you should never do on your Android or Smart Phone.

7. Unsafe Applications Should Not Be Downloaded Or Installed

What makes an android or a Smartphone interesting to use is the applications on the phone which are either downloaded or installed and anyone who is in love with a lot of android application which is sometimes referred to as an app would go a long way to download or share and install a lot of applications for use. It is observed that some applications being downloaded or share and installed are unsafe and can cause harm to the phone, indirectly affecting the user of that phone. Such Apps at times cause the phone to malfunction or can easily destroy data or information on the Smartphone. The question is, where can one get a suitable App for his or her phone? The recommended answer is Apple App or Google Playstore. There are lots of apps to download and install which you will definitely find there. At times, when there is an installation of Apps on a Smartphone or Android, it will prompt you if the App gotten from an unknown source should be installed on your phone. One should be careful where Apps are being gotten so as to keep the phone safe and secure.

8. Not Updating Applications And The Android Operating System

When using an android phone, there are prompt messages that will tell you to click on what will enable you to update your Apps or Smartphone operating system. If you ignore this message and refuse to do it, your phone will still function but not at the desired performance. It might function below capacity. It is therefore advisable to update all App(s) and operating system of your android phone to make function well enough. Please never ignore updates.

9. Not Having A Good Charging Culture Or Pattern

It is definitely wrong to allow your Smartphone battery to run down to the extent that it gets to zero percent (0%) or overcharge it to the extent that it gets to 100% fully charged battery and it remains like that still charging for a longer period of time. This is really not good at all for your phone or your battery. It is ideal that when your Smartphone battery gets between 20% to 30%, it will be ideal to charge your phone. When it is eventually 99%, it will also be okay for one to removing the phone from being charged. When this charging culture or pattern becomes continuous, the Smartphone battery lasts for as long as possible.

10. Not Clearing Phone Cache Memory

There is every tendency that there are at times unwanted data or information resides in an android phone and this revolves around the cache. When the cache is left unattended to for a while, it brings down the performances of your phone. It is advisable to clear the cache of your phone, removing temporal data off your phone to make it work better. The use of cleaning apps is not ideal for android or Smartphones.

11. Not Backing Up Information In Your Android Phone

Information on an android phone matters more. It’s quite painful when one’s phone gets missing, thereby not able to have access to any data or information on that phone. If one uses a phone, it would be ideal enough to back up all information in that phone on a memory card, Google, cloud or computer should in case one needs it for future purposes.

12. Not Restarting Your Android Or Smart Phone

Restarting your Android or Smartphone is a systematic way of turning off your Smartphone and putting it on. When this is done, the Smartphone runs on a fresh note putting away piled up apps or data that slows down it’s performances. This makes the phone healthy, speeds up android’s performances and clears the unwanted cache. Restarting your phone should be done on a regular basis or at an interval of days or weeks. This will definitely be a plus to the android or Smartphone.

13. Not Removing Sensitive And Private Information From Your Phone

There are sometimes we would have sensitive and personal information that we would want to be confidential. The safe way to go about it is to store it somewhere and delete the information from your phone. This is to avoid anyone having access to it from your phone.

14. Recently Used Apps Should Not Be Wiped Out Instantly

People who use two or more Apps at the same time should not think of wiping them out. Knowing fully well that you would use it sooner. When such Apps are promptly removed and reused again and again, there are tendencies that these actions would gradually reduce the performances of the battery and even the processor. When you know that you would use the Apps sooner than expected, leave the App(s) running but if you know that you would not use that App(s) for a long while, it is best you remove it. Some people do not know this and this unwanted act is done ignorantly.

15. Allowing Contact With Water

Some people are fun of making use of their smartphones in the restroom, bathroom or areas where they might be prone to come in contact with water and sometimes during rainfalls. Try as much as possible to avoid contact with water.

16. No Need for Battery Savers Application

To say the fact, the battery life of a phone is one of the most important factors that one needs to take note of. If the battery of an android phone lasts long enough, it would encourage the user to make use of the phone even more and would not get discouraged using it at all. Battery Saver App literally is an app used mostly on smartphones with the notion of saving the battery to make it last for a long period of time. Taking such actions goes a long way to destroy the Smartphone battery. When the Smartphone Battery Saver Apps is being installed on a phone, it consciously or unconsciously kills every App running in the background, putting much pressure on the battery on the processors. It technically switches off the GPS, WIFI and Bluetooth when it is not needed. It is really ideal using the inbuilt battery saver which comes along with the phone. When this is switched on, it does the right thing instead of the battery saver App.


The following steps or procedures above give the illustration of many things you should never do on your android or smartphone.