I’m kinda confused lol. So the new college board opportunity scholarship program is for class of 2020 and after, and you can enter 7 scholarship drawings if you do certain steps:

  1. Make a list of colleges
  2. Practice for the SAT for 6 hrs on khan academy
  3. Improve SAT score by 100 points
  4. Refine your college list (they have some guidelines like # of safeties and reach schools)
  5. Do FAFSA
  6. Actually apply to college
  7. Bonus if you complete all 6 steps

I just did step 1 today, but step 2 and 3 I can’t really do-I took the SAT and got above a 1500 (not tryna flex or anything 😎). I’m not taking it again so I’m not practicing for 6 hours and it’s impossible for me to get over a 1600. The website says you can use a 100 point increase from PSAT to SAT, but I got a 1510 on the PSAT and can’t improve by 100. So does that mean I can’t finish these steps (and then also not qualify for the bonus drawing which is like $40k)? College board website was not helpful and I just want a chance at free money