Signs On How To Know A Relationship Is Not Working (Unhappy Relationship Signs)

Signs On How To Know A Relationship Is Not Working (Unhappy Relationship Signs) - Inemac

The question iswhat is the meaning of relationship”. Relationships can be defined or expressed as mutual understanding between two or more people. It makes the people involved speak with one voice and have little or no misunderstanding.


At first, when two people meet, that is male and female entangled in a relationship, there is a spark of light or discovery that is ignited among the two. There is this mindset that “wow, I have discovered one that touched my heart more than everyone else”. Personal aspirations bring the affirmative belief that all is well with the relationship.
But come to think of it. At a point in time, what was seen initially seems to fade away with time. Questions keep coming, without having definite answers. What went wrong along the line? Am I the cause of it or my partner? Is my partner seeing something different in me that I have not yet discovered? Was every action deliberate?
Since definite answers seem to be far fetched, there are some signs to watch out for to ascertain the fact that the relationship is not working or more to say that the relationship in question is over.
Below are some of the signs or ways to know that the relationship is over or would not work.

1. Aggressive Behavior: The friendly attitude or normal lifestyle the person has initially with you seemed to fade away gradually. In some cases, the individual in question has a sharp or quick prompt opposite behavior of how he or she used to relate. This is greatly seen in the use of unpleasant body language or attitude that is not welcoming at all. 

2. Little Or No Feedback In Communication: Communication is the bedrock of any relationship. Without this, the relationship tends to be misunderstood because of the ineffectiveness of the other partner to really interpret well what the other partner is saying. The communication flow between both parties is not the same compared to what it is was at first.

3. Unhappy In Relationship: There seems to be more joy and peace of mind in finding comfort from other people other than finding such from the person who suppose to be of such to you which is not a pleasant platform to find oneself

4. Not Fulfilled: Even though there is mutual understanding at first and everything is moving on smoothly, there seems to something left missing. It makes you feel you are not happy or finding fulfillment with the relationship. This feeling makes the whole relationship boring and stressful.

5. Lack Of Emotional Intimacy: The close friendship or familiarity between the two parties gradually becomes difficult to comprehend. If you discover that the other person cannot disclose or intimate you with daily routine or lifestyle as he or she use to do, it means that the relationship is gradually becoming toxic, unpleasant and the other person indirectly means that he or she wants his or her own privacy. This action does not speak well in a relationship.

6. No Mutual Relationship: Mutual understanding brings mutual agreement. When there is no mutual understanding, there is more to say that the mutual agreement would not be palatable at all. When you noticed that you and your partner do not agree most of the time. No one is ready to step down for each other. No one is ready to accept each other faulty. No one is willing to make things work out fine. This also is not a good sign at all.

7. Not Overlooking Mistakes In Relationship: When someone is in love, all the flaws, mistakes and shortcomings of his or her partner will not be noticed. No wonder there is a saying that love is blind. Love can really be blind to a fault but it should be well managed so that it could be at the benefit to both parties. When it comes to a point in the relationship where what can or should be overlooked because of love to avoid conflict, now becomes a source of worry to one or both people in the relationship which now results in conflict more frequently. This is now an indication that the relationship is almost hitting the rock and caution must be taken to avert the detriment of the relationship.

8. Avoiding Partner In Relationship: It is easily noticeable that when there is conflict in a relationship, either or both parties or people involved tend to love being away from the presence of that person. They prefer to do what really may not be of importance to them just for the sake of being busy. Even if they do something more important in their life, they would love to sacrifice more on that particular thing, job, hobby or anything and give less time, fewer regards or less commitment to the relationship or family which is really good at all.

9. Rejection: Being rejected is the worst thing that can happen to any individual. More to say, when one of the persons involved in this relationship has given more commitment, value, time or sacrificed more the progress of the union and the other party is reluctant to appreciate all the effort being put together. A lot of people who cannot handle it have in one way or the other done some detrimental things somehow. It takes a whole lot to put body, soul and spirit together with a lot of counseling and help from family, friends and loved ones to avert negative occurrences in the life of such individuals.

10. No More Confiding In Each Other: It is ideal that both people who are in a relationship, confine in each other more so, discuss how to resolve personal issues so as not to instigate quarrel but when confiding in each other becomes a taboo, a feeling of insecurity or not wanting to relate with that particular person, there is bound to be a problem.

11. No Trust No Love: Whenever there is a scenario where one or both partners do not tell each other the truth. The belief, trustworthiness, integrity of the person begins to depreciate either of both parties will never entrust vital information or would not even be of help to each other because the integrity of either or both partners has been tampered with.

12. No Forgiveness: The relationship is highly at risk and at times detrimental to either or both parties when issues come up and there is no iota or place of forgiveness in the heart of either or both parties. Both partners are expected to forgive each other for the relationship to soar high and when this is lacking, the outcome of it will not make either party smile at the end of the storm.

13. Loneliness: There is always a feeling of loneliness whenever both individuals happen to come across each other. There is no joy, fulfillment within the space in the heart of that person. There is always a longing for someone to fill that space and this would allow the affected person to find that joy elsewhere and want to be happy at all cost. This is a bad omen for a relationship if this at all takes place.

14. No More Calling Each Other Lovely Names: People in love always say intimate words or call themselves names that gladden their heart and whenever this becomes a thing of the past or there is a struggle to say intimate gadding words, it becomes an indicator that things are not falling into places.

15. Not Willing To Have Concern Or Know About The Welfare Of The Other Partner: When love exists and there is always a place in your heart to ask after the well being of the family, job and everything that has to do with your partner but when something like this has happened before and seems not to be existing anymore, it is not a nice story to tell at all. It means that the well being of the other partner means nothing at all.

16. No Team Work: Relationship becomes strong when there is always teamwork going on between them. When this activity or team spirit or teamwork gradually fades away, it indicates an omen that is not pleasant at all.

17. No More Sexual Intimacy: The sexual intimacy most especially for couples begins to deteriorate and they give themselves more space in such a way that they do not enjoy their sexual life anymore. The ignition of love that once started that makes them want to have sexual intimacy with each other which unifies the bond of love between them becomes a thing of the past and it definitely is not a good sign of a good relationship at all.

18. Dealing With Stressed Partner: When either of the partners begins to observe stress during the relationship and coupled with that always at war with each other, it is not a good sign at all.

19. No Words Of Encouragement And Strength: It is always a pity sight to behold that the person who claims to be a partner in love does not do anything possible to give all kinds of support, help or assistance one way or the other to ensure that the partner has all it takes to achieve any possible venture or goal in life. The support could be of any kind. Be it financial, moral, motivation or any support anyone would think of. This action not being there is not really good at all.

20. Looking Down On Partner: A wrong relationship whenever it is not working well make either or one of the partners involved not make the person feel he or she is not important. Sometimes, the person in question might end up making mistakes that can easily be avoided most of the time which is not really pleasant at all.

21. Inferiority Complex: The sense of being inferior is the result that a relationship is not working well at all. This is where a partner never says anything good concerning the other person and for all the time being that the person would be partnering together, the inferiority complex will be the order of the day which is not good at all.

22. No Truthful Words: It is not a funny incident when the words of the mouth do not correspond to what the heart is saying. This goes to show that when one of the partners says something, the other partner would be guessing and maybe right enough to determine that the partner in question is lying. This action alone can destroy the mutual trust one has in a relationship.

23. Give And Take Relationship: A relationship is always very interesting when there is a give and take the system or continuous life pattern existing between them. So if one of the party is always in the habit of taking continuously from his or her partner and not wanting to reciprocate, it means that there is no love from the person in question and if care is not taken at all, the relationship which was in a good state before now might or would suddenly deteriorate with time.

24. Victimization: The situation when one of the partners cannot have a say in the relationship is nothing to write home about. This is where one would be forced to say NO when actually he or she means to say Yes or when the partner wants to say yes whereas he or she intends to say no. This brings discomfort to the well-being of the victim involved and any action being done by the victim involved would be under duress which is not a good sign at all in a relationship that is presumed to be okay.

25. Signs Of Disrespect In Relationship: Mutual respect in a relationship is a vital act that must be put at a top priority which enables the bond in a relationship to be interesting. When the atmosphere of mutual respect is eroded or removed from a relationship, it becomes a threat to both parties and when this continues, it gets to a stage where they expose themselves in a negative way outside and dirty deeds are done outside.

26. Extra Marital Affairs: Having an emotional and romantic relationship outside marriage other than his wife or her husband is an indication that somewhere somehow that the two love birds are in great danger of losing a good relationship when care is not taken seriously.

26. Domestic Violence: Domestic violence or abuse is a no go area in building a trustworthy relationship. When Domestic abuse is on the high side in a relationship, it, therefore, indicates that the well being of that relationship is not good at all.

27. Intimidation: When there is a lot of domineering attitudes possessed by a partner in a relationship, it tends to bring the relationship to a halt. It is more of being a friend with your partner than to dictate at all times.

28. Comparison: The best part of any relationship is to take your partner for who he or she is but when it comes to where one of the partners or both of them starts to compare each other of how worst or bad the person is to someone out there, there is an indication that all is not well with the relationship.

29. Not Standing For Each Other: Both partners are meant to stand for each other. Doing this will not allow an intruder to have his or her way but when all is let loose and each of them cannot fight for the interest of one another but leaving the other partner isolated is not really good at all.

The following above are clues to tell you that the relationship ventured into is having turbulent times and requires enough wisdom to tackle the challenges at hand for the relationship to be stable.


Though some are relationships are meant to work out fine while others are not meant to work despite any efforts that would be put in use.
The advice to this is that to act right and to make sure that things do not get out of hand, there are tendencies for both couples to come together for them to have a rethink on how to make the relationship work out fine but if several efforts to come together to settle things out prove abortive or not forthcoming then there is need for both of them to go to any counselor or someone both of them have a high reference or regards to for them to get counsel and by then all things will be well and negative occurrences will be duly averted.  

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