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Step by step instructions to clear cache on android apps and Google Play Store is necessary to download more apps on Google play store and make the best use of it.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store is a platform on all Android phones that enable users to download any apps they desire to make good use of them from the Google play website.


A cache can be defined as an aspect of software or hardware that keeps data for it to be given out easily later in the future. It is a compilation of data stored somewhere.
A cache is caused when bits of data is technically saved or kept unconsciously due to series of download. When it eventually gets piled up, it reduces the efficiency of the Google Play Store to work well enough. The higher the compilation of data due to download, the harder it is will be to download new applications.
Due to the challenges involved to download new apps due to compilation of cache on android, the best thing to do now is to clear the cache on android. When Google Play store cache has problems, there will be symptoms and the need to clear cache on android would definitely be necessary.

Step by step instructions to Clear Cache on Android Apps And Google Play Store

1. Open your Android gadget’s and go to settings application 

2. Click on Applications

3. From the applications section, you will notice Google Play Store Application. You can go ahead to click it.
4.  Look for storage and click on it
5. You would see clear cache, go ahead and click on clear cache
6. Once this is done, you can as well click on clear data
This process has a well clear cache on android. It also removes data embedded in the background to make the Google play store perform more efficiently. Also in the same way and procedure, you can as well clear cache on android applications found on the Google play store.
Above is the step by step instructions to clear cache on android apps and Google Play Store. It is advisable to clear cache on android and clear data on the Play Store and all others for all of them to perform better.