Steps On How To Change Yahoo Password – Yahoo Mail

Steps On How To Change Yahoo Password - Yahoo Mail

The Most Effective Way To Reset Your Forgotten Yahoo Password

Yahoo Mail is known as a medium through which mails can be sent or gotten from other people through their email. When anyone cannot have access to his or her mail, because he or she does not remember the password, there is every tendency that the person in question would not be at ease but would try by all means to remember, reset or recover such a mail. If someone forgets the Yahoo password, it will affect a lot of things. Especially when trying to send or get information from people or organizations. From the explanation about to be illustrated below, you will observe and know full well the best and easiest way to go about recovering and getting back your yahoo mail, if or when you forgot your password.

Aside from forgetting your password, you may like to change or reset your password occasionally or periodically to keep safe your vital document or information to avoid intrusion from a third party without your permission. This also is another reason why at times password needs to be reset or changed to keep the yahoo mail safe and secure as possible. When changing or trying to reset your password, it is advisable to do it alone personally to keep your yahoo mail safe, secure also for security purposes.

Steps In securing Your Yahoo Account

The steps in securing and protecting your yahoo account are highlighted below and to do that you need to make use of a strong password to make the yahoo mail safe and secure.

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Password: Strong Password

For a password to be strong, there are figures and/or numbers that must be used so that a third party will not be able to have an idea about and most especially a strong password where you as a person should be able to remember whenever he or she wants to make use of it at any point in time.

What To Do When You Forgot Your Password And Want To Change Or Reset Your Password

Below Are The Steps On How To Change Yahoo Password

1. Go to your browser and type the yahoo website known as

2.Login to yahoo mail account inputting your yahoo mail email. Then you tap on continue

3. Instead of inputting your password which you may either have forgotten or you want to change, you should click        on forgot password.

4. You might be given a Captcha to verify if you are human

5. You would choose a secret question you desire and click next

6. At the next stage, you will be prompted to answer your secret question and also click next

7. From here, you will change or reset you can change or reset by creating a new password twice to confirm. Which is your yahoo mail password.

8. After doing that, the recovery process of Yahoo Password will be fully activated by clicking on the confirm button.

You can go to yahoo mail sign in and log in your email and password. Then you are good to go. One can as well sign in using Yahoo Mail App through the yahoo login page. Effecting yahoo recovery password is possible through this process.

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By this process, one can eventually get back or recover his or her yahoo mail account. It is a simple way on how to change yahoo password mail.