If you’re a student from England you can apply online for the following academic years:

  • 2021 to 2022
  • 2020 to 2021

You can apply for:

  • Tuition Fee Loans
  • Maintenance Loans
  • Maintenance Grants (only if your course started before 1 August 2016)

You can apply up to 9 months after the start of the academic year for your course.

If you need help with a further education course at a college or training provider you may be able to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan instead.

The application process is different for students from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Check how to:

Start nowon the Student Finance England website

What you need to know

If you cannot use a computer without help but want to apply online, you can contact Student Finance England for help.

EU students

If you’re an EU student applying for 2021 to 2022, how you apply depends on the type of support you want.

If you’re applying for tuition fee support and help with living costs, you can apply online now.

If you’re applying for tuition fee support only, you can apply by post now.

Apply by post

It’s best to apply online. If you cannot, use the form finder to download the application forms and guidance notes you’ll need.

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