The Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Skin And Hair - Inemac
Skin and hair are of importance to man and below are the nutritional benefits of eating coconut as regards skin and hair.

The Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Skin And Hair

1. Resistance: Coconut gives the body more resistance to anything that would affect the body negatively. Thereby providing immunity to the body system. With the immunity in place, the body is safe from any form of sickness. This is the benefit of coconut oil in the body.

2. Hair Treatment: Benefits of coconut oil for hair are of great value to humanity. Coconut has a lot of nutrients embedded in it. Whenever coconut oil is applied to the hair, it makes it grow at a faster rate. It is also observed that the hair gradually becomes thicker. It reduces the level of dryness in the hair. Coconut helps in the treatment of the hair, reduces breakage of the hair and minimize dandruff.

3. Repairs The Hair: There are times that the hair would get damaged and it would not be really well okay enough. Coconut oil goes a long way to repair damaged hair and put it back in place.

4. Skin Complexion: There are times that the skin might look pale or deteriorating. Also, there are times that someone would love to maintain the skin complexion. The use of coconut oil is recommended the best. It retains the complexion of the skin and this can be maintained over a period of time.

5. Fresh And Younger Skin: Usage of coconut oil to the skin makes it look fresher and the person would look younger because of cute skin. The youthful skin nature of the individual will resurface and look pleasant.

6. Makeup Remover: A lot of ladies apply makeup on their faces, skins and fingernails and at times the makeup becomes difficult to be removed as when due. This alone can be disturbing but the use of coconut oil makes it easy and it reduces the stress it takes to remove stubborn makeup and it makes them part of that skin fresher.

7. Whitens The Teeth: Teeth are one of the most visible parts of the body. Thou it is hidden in the mouth but can be seen when someone makes a speech. It is good when the teeth are more bright and white. When the color of the teeth becomes otherwise, it requires the help of coconut oil when applied on the teeth to make it whitish and pleasant to see.

8. Coconut Oil Minimize Rough Texture Of The Palms: It could be surprising at times to know that the palms of the hands are rough and it could be embarrassing to shake hands with anybody when they are taken by surprise about the hard texture of the palm. With the usage of coconut oil on the palms of hands, it makes it soft, tender and one would touch or hold anyone without the other person feeling the rough and hardness of the palms.

9. Fights Against Virus: Coconut consist of elements and compounds that resist or fight against the virus. It reduces the effects of viruses, bacteria and fungi and much other harsh skin implication on man.

10. Reduces Inflammation: Coconut oil assist in reducing inflammation in the body system. It is done in a way of initiating the immune system of the body to immune itself against diseases in the body. It also repairs and heals tissues that are not in order. This action is of great value to the body.

11. Limits The Rate Of Hair Infection: Coconut oil has constituents that are antioxidant in nature. These constituents act as nutrients to the hair. It destroys infections that grow from the hair and keep it safe.

12. It Fight Against Acne: Acne can be termed as skin diseases that occur in an individual. Some of the examples of Acne are pimples, Whitehead, etc. Acne also harms the oil glands and hair follicles. Coconut oil has what it takes to fight against acne and it’s negative effects.

13. It Fight Against Eczema: Eczema is an irritable, itchy and inflamed part of the skin that is not good for the body at all. Coconut oil works against eczema when being applied or used properly.

14. Protects The Skin From The Sun: The sun at times becomes harsh on the skin and could become uncomfortable. Whenever coconut oil is applied to the skin protects the skin. It reduces the effect, pressure and harshness of the sun on the skin. 

 15. Moisturizes The Skin: The skin at times becomes dry and needs to be moist. Coconut oil when applied to the skin helps it to avoid skin dryness and brings comfort to the skin.

 16. Protects The Lips From Dryness: There is a situation where the climate condition in an environment makes the lips dry. The use of coconut oil will make the lips moist all the time.

 17. Limits The Existence Of Dandruff: Dandruff exists at times on hair which is not good at all. The use of coconut oil on the hair limits dandruff.

18. It Can Be Used As Body Cream: Coconut oil is natural and can be used as a cream for the body. It is less expensive and has no negative effect on the body. It makes the skin moist and looks younger.


The above examples have given the benefits of coconut oil for the skin and hair.