The Benefits Of Drinking Water In The Morning On An Empty Stomach – Health Values

The Benefits Of Drinking Water In The Morning On An Empty Stomach – Health Values - Inemac


Water is any liquid substance that is odorless, tasteless, colorless, transparent, naturally given which cannot be produced, drank and used by all living creatures.

Portable Water

Portable water is any water that is safe drinking and for consumption as regards human health. Water can be gotten from any source for drinking but it is paramount that whatever or wherever the source of water is should be safe and ideal for drinking.

Drinking Water

Water constitutes almost 60 percent or more of the human body system. It lubricates every vital organ and circulates the body system. This is a way of consuming water and making the body to be hydrated at all times. This is a means of absorption of water orally and keeping the human body hydrated.

Benefits Of Drinking Water In The Morning

1. Radiating Skin: Drinking of water makes the skin glows and radiates well enough. It refreshes the skin and makes it looks younger and fresher. Water is of great value to the skins and it helps it a lot.

2. Benefits Of Drinking Water For Hair: Drinking of water goes a long way to make the hair grow well. It reduces the rate at which the hair grows rough. It increases the rate at which the hair grows. It also makes the hair moist. It reduces the breakage of hair.

3. Brain: Drinking of water reduces the amount of memory loss and increases the senses of reasoning in the brain. Reduction of water in the body system brings stress to the brain.

4. Removal Of Toxic From The Body: Drinking of water on an empty stomach in the morning helps a lot to wash or clear away everything that will not be of good in the body system. This may come in form of sweat or urine. This is very good for the body system.

5. Healthy Bowel Movement: Drinking of water first thing in the morning enables the bowel to be cleansed of every negative things residing inside of it. This as well makes the digestive system able to digest the food intakes from last night prompting the faeces to go through the anus freely. It prevents infections, constipation. Any wrong bowel moment will be corrected.

6. Weight Balance: Drinking water balances weight in the body system. It makes the person to be filled without eating. If the person should eat much which will make become over weight, the water in the body will reduce the excess weight from the body.

      7. Normal Temperature: Drinking of water normalizes the temperature in the body.

      Either ways, whenever the temperature is not in good state, water brings it to normal.

8. Healthy Kidney:  Kidney helps to regulate nutrients to all parts of the body. Drinking water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach enables the kidney clear toxic product from the body. Not drinking of water can bring about Kidney diseases.

9. Energize The Body: When the body becomes weak, drinking of water brings the body back to life.

 10. Active Exercise:Exercise is when there is a continuous body movement consciously or unconsciously. Exercise makes the body active, alert and agile but after a long period of time, the body becomes weak and the activities the body is doing for a while will reduce. Drinking of water will rejuvenates the body and makes the body active again. This brings the body to perform active exercise willingly and continuously. That is why all athlete personnel or persons would want to have water to reactivate him or her whenever there is a relaxing moment any time.

11. Reduce Sugar Level: Drinking of water on empty stomach for a long time reduces the high level of sugar in the body but when water is at a reduced rate in the body, there are tendencies that the sugar might come high. This method of drinking water on empty stomach and continuously is mostly recommended for those who are diabetic patient so that the high level of sugar will be at a reduced rate.

12. Increase Immunity: Drinking of water on empty stomach goes a long way to increase the immune system in the body. When water is being drunk, it removes any form of sickness what so ever from the body. It enables the body to fight and resist infection from the body.

13. Active Vital Organs In The Body: Drinking of water revives the body and makes all the vital organs of the body come to life.

14. Purifies The Blood: Drinking of water cleanses the blood and purifies it. Blood consist more of water. If the blood is not purified, it makes the body system sick. Drinking of water helps to do that and more benefits to the blood.

15. Reduces The Side Effect Of Alcohol Consumption: Drinking of water have a lot of great value. Whenever more alcohol is taken into the body system, the water level will reduce and will have some side effect. When this happens, more water should be consumed to reduce to a barest minimum the effects of alcohol from the body system.

16. Increase Of Fluid In The Body:When there is a reduction of body fluid in the body, the nutrients needed by the body to be transported to all part of the body may be restricted. Drinking of water increases fluid in the body, produces saliva, transport nutrients in the body, digestion and body hydration.

17. Digestion:After eating, people go about their activities without even bothering to drink water. Drinking of water after eating, clears the mouth properly, enables the food to digest properly, circulates the nutrients of the food throughout the body and makes the body active again.

Water being healthy and safe for drinking should be taken moderately. When water is taken in a reduced or overdose form, it will make the body become uncomfortable and unhealthy which is not good at all. As much as drinking of water is important, people at times unconsciously refuse to drink it
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