Are you an immigrant in Canada or you planning on immigrating to Canada soon and you are looking for a startup business opportunity you can embark on in Canada? If Yes. This article is for you. The essence of putting up this article is to help dish out useful information on top start-up business opportunities for immigrants in Canada.

Its no longer a secret that Canada has one of the biggest and most accommodating immigration systems in the world which is also seeking to accommodate more skilled foreign workers to be part of their diverse community.

Most people aren’t aware that in Canada, there are lots of business opportunities as well as pathways to getting permanent resident permit in Canada just by bringing in innovative entrepreneurship ideas and skills.

Are you interested in expanding your business in one of the most democratic and dynamic countries in the world? Let’s look further into some of the Top Start-up Business Opportunities for Immigrants in Canada and this can also help you immigrate to Canada without much hassle.

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How to Immigrate to Canada as a Baker

Top 5 Start-up Business Opportunities in Canada

Canada is known for having huge investments in agriculture, mining, medical cannabis industry, forestry. Making this industry a multimillion-dollar industry in Canada. The big question is, “is there still hope for smaller businesses?” The answer to this question is a resounding YES! Just like we mentioned in our previous articles, Canada is a big country with a small population and most of the residents are already in their retirement stage. In fact, majority of the businesses you will find in Canada are small to medium sized businesses with less than 100 employees. So, you shouldn’t let the hope of your business surviving in Canada scare you at all.

Media & Marketing

With the rise in technological inventions in our present time, the media and marketing industry have also seen huge improvement and fast becoming a multitrillion dollar business. The creative industry in Canada is one of the sectors we have our eyes on. According to our research, Canada happens to be the third most filmed country in the world, which employs over one hundred and fifty thousand people and is extremely cost effective and innovative, making it such a great investment opportunity or business immigration option.


As the development in Canada keeps moving forward, there is a growing demand for more construction companies either medium or large scale. According to the story sourced from Magnum Construction Services, the founder Mai Eilia, came to Canada with her family as a refugee from Syria and decided to launch her home renovation and interior design company four years after immigrating to Canada via the help of a non-profit organization known as Futurpreneur Canada. Although she is coming from a marketing and media background with diverse knowledge, she also had plenty of business experience.  Magnum construction service is an extremely successful business and was also awarded the Best Immigrant Entrepreneur Award in BC.Advertisements

Restaurants and Catering

Restaurant and catering business is also another business we urge immigrant to look into. Who doesn’t love food? Lol. We have come across lots of successful stories from immigrant business owners in Canada. Some of them include that of popular companies such chef.

Additionally, if you think starting a restaurant in Canada is not off interest to you, why not look into starting a food truck business in Canada. This industry is one of the hottest and fastest growing industry in Canada. It is also a $320+ million industry with some benefits such as lower overhead costs, higher turnarounds and improved flexibility.

Tech and Innovation

Personally, we love most of the ideas that comes with technological innovations. If you are serious about starting up a tech company, then we highly recommend looking into locations such as British Columbia. We refer British Columbia as the tech hub of Canada. This is where you will find a lot of tech companies and individuals who share the same interest. As a new migrant in canada, we are you will love to associate with like minds that will help you in kickstarting your start up idea. There are lots of young innovative minds that will be willing to partner with your company. Why not give it a try?

Immigration and Recruitment

After successfully getting to Canada, you might find it interesting to help other people from your country get to Canada. You can start an immigration agency and make money from it by just providing immigration assistance. There are just few immigration agencies in Canada and a lot of foreign nationals are gaining interest in immigrating to Canada on a daily basis. Are you familiar with this?

A typical example of an immigrant story you will find online is that of Arlene Ruiz, who immigrated from Philippines to Canada to start studying at saskatoon business college in the year 1997. In 2012, she decided to further her education at ashton college. After all these, she deemed it fit to start her own immigration and recruitment agency in Canada. Currently, she received a consumer choice award in the year 2020 and was also nominated as the saskatoon achievement in business excellence awards.

In summary, if you are still interested in moving to Canada, we highly recommend you check your eligibility first before starting the visa processing. If you are confused about this, then we strongly recommend you seek the assistance of an immigration agent or consultant.