Unique Ways On How To Create A Facebook Account Step By Step Procedures

Unique Ways On How To Create A Facebook Account Step By Step Procedures - Inemac


Facebook is one of the social media platforms where one uses to interact socially and globally in order to pass across the information. It is also a platform to express one view and associate with one another.

First and foremost, for one to set new Facebook account, one must acquire a smartphone and try as much as possible to have a Facebook app on his or her Android or smartphone and create a new account. How to open Facebook account will be the next thing in mind now.

There are people who don’t have an account on Facebook and would love to open or create one. For this reason, there are best and unique ways on how to create Facebook account.

 Below Are The Unique Ways On How To Create A Facebook Account Step By Step

 1.Looking and observing closely, opening or creating a Facebook account is free. You should as well have an email account. For new Facebook account open now an email. It can be a Gmail, yahoo mail, to mention a few or any one of your choice but it should be only one mail that can be used to open a Facebook account.

2. When you click on the Facebook icon on your android or smartphone as a new user of that account which is about to be used, you would be prompted on a signed up platform. If you are not using an android or a smartphone, you can as well make use of your Laptop or Desktop. Go to any browser such as Chrome, Mozilla Fox, to mention a few or any other browser of your choice and type www.facebook.com. It will bring you to the Facebook platform and if you are intending to create a Facebook account, you see or notice a signup platform.

3. At the signup page or platform, you will be introduced to fill out a form which will enable the process of signing up in order to create a Facebook account completed. The information needed on the signup form is:

a. First Name: Your real name which is your first name should be inputted

b. Last Name: Your last name should be imputed as well.

c. Email: This is the email you intend to use in order to open your Facebook account

d. Re-enter Email: The email you used initially should be re-entered once again to confirm verification of your email initially entered.

e. Birthday. This brings drop out button to pick out your month, day and year of birth.

f. Sex: This would allow you to choose your gender which is either a male or female.

g. Sign Up: The final stage of this segment is to click on the signup button to confirm to agree to the Terms of Condition, Data Policy and Policy Cookies and every agreement attached to opening a Facebook account. You would have to click on the signup button and wait for the next step.

h. Expecting Verification: When the signup button is clicked, you would be expecting      a  verification message that would be sent to your email.

i. Making Use Of Verification Message: Verification message will be sent to the email.     When this is done, the link received in the mail should be clicked in order for the         new Facebook account to be activated.

The above procedures have enabled one to successfully activate and create Facebook account. It would not be ideal to create the Facebook account and leave it there like that. The next thing to do now is to set new Facebook account to enable it convenient for proper use.

The Second stage after creating a Facebook account is Setting Up Your New Facebook Profile.

Below Is The Step By Step On How How To Set Up Your New Facebook Profile.

1. Uploading Profile Picture: Firstly, it is advisable to insert or upload your picture in the profile picture space designated for it. When your real picture is uploaded on the profile picture, it would be easy for everyone who knows you to quickly acknowledge you no matter what.

2. Friend Request: Secondly, it would not be ideal without sending to or accepting a friend requests from anyone. When this is done, it would make facebook experience a worthwhile one because you would be able to communicate, relate, know and experience more things on Facebook.

3. Privacy Settings And Tools: In this segment of Facebook, you would be able to control what people want to view or see concerning you. You can adjust to your desire, who sees your post. That is a means of controlling your privacy at will without any stress at all.

The second stage above is a quick glance at how your Facebook Profile will be adjusted to how you want it to be.
The third step below will introduce or explain to you as an individual, what to do in order to make the best and good use of Facebook.

At this stage, you can create a group, upload videos, express yourself on the timeline, join groups and many more. The benefits are many.

The above procedures are unique ways on how to create a Facebook account step by step.