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Garlic can be eaten raw, cooked or processed in one way or the other for consumption. Eating garlic has brought a lot of health benefits to everyone. This has made all want to have a taste of it, eat it to allow the goodies of eating garlic to be achieved. But somehow, there seems to be a form of discouragement because it is discovered that garlic mostly when eaten raw, makes the person in question have an unpleasant smell. 

Nevertheless, garlic has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that it is of great benefit to humans. With the eating of garlic, there are many benefits attached to it that cannot be waved aside.

Below are the ways one can avoid bad breath after eating raw garlic:

1. Eating More Of Fruits: Eating fruits does a lot of good things in the body system, it goes a long way to eliminate bad breath most especially apples. It has what it takes in terms of quality nutrients to drastically eliminate bad breath.

2. Brushing Of The Mouth As A Necessary Daily Routine: Brushing of the mouth is good. Brushing of the tongue, teeth and the entire mouth cavity immediately after eating garlic is necessary. Coupled with that, it is also advisable to normally take it as a routine to brush your mouth in the morning and night as well. It will help keep bad breath away.

3. Eating More Of Fresh Vegetable Leaves: Fresh farm leaves like vegetables are a better method of removing the smell of garlic over a period of time. It is good to take more of it daily.

4. Drinking Of Milk: Drinking milk is very good especially the milk that has full fat. It has more tendencies of reducing the smell of garlic rather than the milk that has less fat in it.

5. Drinking More Water: Drinking much water does a lot to the body system and can as well remove the residues or leftover of garlic from where it is hidden in the mouth. If the residue is not removed, it will increase the unpleasant smell of garlic in the mouth region.

6. Usage Of Chewing Gum That Has Minty Flavor: Chewing gum with minty flavor will give a fresh and pleasant smell to your mouth. It gradually erases the unpleasant smell of garlic. Though, it is advised to be used moderately and not at all times.

7. Drinking Of Green Tea: Green Tea constitutes what it takes to remove the smell of garlic. It can be after the use of garlic to reduce whatever unpleasant smell that comes it.

8. The Usage Of Herbs: Chewing of herbs like parsley or anything that has mint in it promotes good breath. Proper usage of it is advisable.

9. Use Of Mouth Wash: The usage of mouthwash is very vital as well. It varies but the needed one to gradually eradicate the unpleasant smell of garlic must have chlorine dioxide in it.

10. The Use Of Tongue Scrapper: The use of anything that can scrape the tongue would reduce the unpleasant smell of garlic. It is called tongue scrappers or cleaners. The use of a spoon because it is metal is also ideal and can be used as well.

11. Proper Usage Of Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar can be used to reduce the smell of raw garlic from an individual. It is advisable to use in warm diluted form or best used according to doctor’s prescription. This depends on individual health status.

12. Use Of Lemon: Taking anything relating to lemon such as lemon juice, lemon tea, lemonade brings a fresh breath to the mouth

13. Doctor’s Prescription On The Proper Usage Of Garlic Supplement: Taking garlic supplement brings great relief in reducing the smell of garlic from an individual. If taken in an overdose manner, it might bring out the smell of garlic from the body. It is advisable to follow a doctor’s prescription to be effective in the body.

14. Use Of Soap: The use of soap on your hands coupled with rubbing the hands-on stainless steel helps to remove the smell of garlic from the body. It is good to use soap in washing your hands immediately after the use of garlic.

15. Eating Boiled Rice: Whenever rice which is boiled is eaten, it gradually removes the unpleasant smell of garlic from the body. It is also a good health-wise.

Though there are good health benefits in eating garlic but is well discouraged by the strong unpleasant smell that goes with it. Following these steps moderately, it will go a long way in reducing the unpleasant smell that comes from eating raw garlic. These illustrations above will further encourage everyone to eat garlic and gain more health benefits in the human body system.