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Ways On How To Stay Fresh Down There All Day - Health For Female Gender - Inemac

Being healthy in the body brings relief and makes one comfortable. It makes a person feels more refresh than ever. But if a part of the body is not healthy, the whole body becomes uncomfortable. This would in one way or the other make the person feel insecure, hereby looking for solutions to problems as regards issues on the ground. Good hygiene is most paramount on this issue at hand to make sure what is below stays fresh and healthy. Some people have challenges on how to keep their vagina clean and healthy but might feel reluctant to discuss it with people around them for the fear of being ridiculed. 

There are some things the female gender does that makes the vagina have an unpleasant smell or bring about diseases or reactions to that area which is not good at all. The vagina is one of the most sensitive organs of a woman’s body and much care is needed to make it healthy and be in good condition.
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Below are the ways onhow to stay fresh down there”.

1. Proper Feminine Hygiene Routine: It is ideal to change underwear every single day or whenever it is dirty. This is a means of being neat with what you put on down there and this will make the person healthy and reduce the risk of germs being transferred to the vagina. It is also advisable to wash the underwear every day whenever it is changed and if possible wash immediately whenever it is removed.

2. Cotton Materials: There are different textures of the pant being worn by female folks but the ideal texture of pants to be worn by them is the pants of cotton material. Why cotton pants?  This is because the cotton texture is soft and would allow the passage of air to the vagina. This reduces the amount of sweat and the unpleasant smell around the vagina to the barest minimum.

3. Loosed And Comfortable Wear: Clothes being worn by females should not be tight around the vagina. Even though it is worn, it should not be worn throughout the day. Loosed and comfortable wear allows the amount of airflow in and around that area. Skirts give more avenues for air to get there than the use of tight fitted trousers or tight pants.

4. How To Stay Fresh All Day (Use Of Perfumes): Perfumes, deodorant or any form of spray are not advisable to be used in and around the vagina area because it is not safe. It becomes toxic for the well being of the vagina which is not good at all.

5. Drinking Of Water: Drinking water is of great benefit to the body and that of the vagina as well. It goes a long way to remove toxins from the body and when this happens, it affects the vagina positively. Anything that will not be of good to the well being of the vagina will be removed. It is advised to stay hydrated.

6. Cleaning Of Vagina: The vagina should be well taken care of before and after sex. In as much as they desire and urgency for sex is then, the vagina should be washed before and after sex. If the vagina is not washed before sex, whatever germs or dirt is at that time from the outer part of the vagina would penetrate inside of the vagina and that of the male partner should be washed as well so that whenever there is a penetration, the dirt or germs from the male partner would not penetrate that of the female and no matter how urgent it is to get dressed after sex, the vagina should as well be cleaned properly to avoid germs or infection.

7. Daily Personal Hygiene Check List (Neat Towels): After taking bath or after washing the vagina, whatever is used to clean the vagina should be clean which emphasis is placed on the use of clean towels. The towel used to clean the body after the usage of water should be clean. If the towel is dirty, the germs residing in the towel will easily have a passage towards or inside of the vagina. Therefore, it is safe to put the bathing towel or whatsoever is used to clean most especially the vagina, should be kept in an enclosed, clean and safe place to avoid any medium of transfer of germ from the towel to the vagina. The vagina is expected to be clean and dry after the usage of water.

8. The Use Of Kegel Exercises For Women: The habit of exercising should be a way of life. For the female folks, Kegel exercise is needed most especially those who just gave birth. It is also advisable for women who are advancing in age to do it as well. The reason for this is that it allows the vagina muscles to be firm or reduces any infection, diseases or weakness in the vagina. This improves the sexual life of the female in question whenever the exercise is carried out. Kegel exercise enables the pelvic muscles to support the bowels, womb and bladder. Kegel exercise can be done as thus: This can be done when the bladder is empty or when the female wants to urinate. While the process is going on, the pelvic muscles will be held at intervals for a period of 3 seconds to 5 seconds several times, say for 10 to 15 times daily if possible. This would go a long way to be of greater value or advantage to women.

9. Sleeping Naked: It is necessary to avoid wearing pants whenever women want to sleep or relax. By this, there will be enough air to go round the vagina, making it free from having heat or possessing an unpleasant smell that will make it unhealthy.

10. Ways On How To Make Your Vagina Look Good: Just for the reason of making the vagina smell pleasant, many female folks do a lot of scrubbing of their vagina. Doing much scrubbing increases the chances of the vagina being infected. It might as well bruise the vagina, giving it some wounds or hurting it. The lesser the scrubbing of the vagina, the better it is.

11. Best Soap For Feminine Hygiene: The use of harsh soaps is not good for the vagina. Instead of using harsh soap, it is more advisable to use a mild soap on the outer part of the vagina and not inside the vagina. It is not good to use soaps that have perfumes, antiseptic or gel in it. A mild soap that does not have fragrance or perceived pleasant smell will do a lot of good for the vagina.

 12. The Use Of Shaving Stick: A lot of women while taking good care of the body sometimes ignore the pubic hair on the surface of the vagina. The hair grows and becomes much on that area making it an avenue for the vagina not to be well ventilated most especially whenever pant or dress is worn. It can bring more heat which is not good for the vagina. The best solution for this is that the pubic hair on the surface of the vagina should be properly trimmed to allow more air around there.

13. Proper Handling Of Menstruation: There should be more caution for women, most especially during menstruation. Around that time, it could be irritating on the part of the ladies or women generally but serious attention should be given. Why, because menstruation is a period where there is the release of unwanted blood from the body at that point in this the underwear would really get dirty. The best thing is that the underwear should be changed immediately after the stain starts appearing. Also, the stains in the pant should not be continuously worn for a longer period of time which can be hazardous to the vagina. A woman must notice and observe when her menstrual cycle starts and end and also prepare well for it. If possible, around the time that the menses would start, they should be able to have more than one or two pads to control the spillage of the blood that is if the menses has a heavy flow of blood. There should be prompt changes of pads, proper cleanup of the vagina or maybe the dress if stained. Quickly, the stained pad must be properly disposed of in the waste bin, properly wrapped well. The person should as well refresh herself so that she would be comfortable as time goes by.

14. Gynecologist Near Me: Whenever there is a challenge concerning the vagina and confused about what to do, it is ideal to consult a medical practitioner for medical advice and counsel to advert illness as regards the vagina. It is not all vagina issues that can be handled personally and when handled, it may be done wrongly. So the best thing to do is to visit a medical practitioner precisely a Gynecologist who is a professional in that field.

15. Proper Use Of Condoms: Sex, when not properly done could bring about sexually transmitted diseases. The use of condoms, be it male condoms or female condoms, reduces the rate of sexually transmitted diseases. Some Sexual Transmitted Diseases greatly affect the vaginal and this can be adverted with the proper use of a condom to protect the person in question. At times, the use of condoms is abused because the person using it does not know how to use it properly or he or she is ignorant about it. To some, it is worn wrongly. To others, the condom gets busted during sex which is not really good at all. The good use of condoms is advisable for the safety of the vagina. Some condoms are not good due to the lubricant being used or it’s texture. Some vaginas at times are also sensitive as regards the condom being used by them and the good one should be selected and used properly.

16. Desist From Foods That Make Your Vagina Smell Bad: What a lady eats goes a long way to affect the vagina, negatively or positively. Eating fruits, vegetables really help in the well being of the vagina. Despite the usefulness, it should be taken moderately.

17. Controlling The Abuse Of Hot Water: Some ladies are fond of bathing with hot water always but bathing a lot with hot water is not good for the vagina because it affects the natural PH of the vagina. The usage of apple cider vinegar should be one or two cups of apple cider vinegar to be poured into the water for a period of 20 minutes to enable it absorbed properly for bathing. This will go a long way to do away with any form of infection or abnormalities in the vagina.

18. How To Clean Private Part After Urination: Most women abuse the way they clean their vagina and this becomes a threat more than an advantage. After using the toilet, it is recommended that if you want to clean the vagina as a woman, you should clean it from the top of the vagina to the lower part of the vagina and if the anus wants to be cleaned, it should be done from the bottom of the anus to the top of the anus. If the reversed is done for either of them, the germs or infection from the anus will be transferred to the vagina. Proper caution should be well taken care of so that the vagina would be in good health at all times. The use of tissue paper is ideal for usage.

19. Benefits Of Yogurt: Yogurt is a very essential food one can take for the well being of the vagina. It goes a long way to reduce the effect and the occurrences of infection which takes place in the vagina.

20. Avoid Douching With Water Everyday And How To Get Your PH Balance Back To Normal: Douching of the vagina is referred to as the spraying, soaking or washing of the inside of the vagina with water. There is a belief that when this is being done, it will be okay for the vagina but the reverse is the case. Douching brings a lot of hazards and it should be avoided. It displaces or alters the PH of the vagina and promotes the existence of an infection. A gynecologist should be contacted for good treatment if eventually, the negative result of douching takes place. It is better to prevent it from happening than looking for a cure for it.


With these illustrations and steps, all must be done in the right way. As sensitive as the vagina is, the more care and caution should be done to make sure that all is well with the vagina. Gynecologist should be consulted further for better treatment or counseling.
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