Are you planning to go for a job interview? Knowing what to bring to a job interview can help you ace the interview.

At some point, during the course of preparing for an interview, confusion may set in when you start to think about what to bring to a job interview. The truth is, there is no mystery behind it. It is an art that needs to be mastered.

In this guide, I’ll be showing the items to consider when thinking about what to bring to a job interview.

What to Bring to a Job Interview

Below are the items to bring to an interview that can help you ace the interview and also help speed up the hiring process.

#1: Identification

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If you are contemplating what to bring to a job interview, taking an identification card is a good option to go with. When you go for an interview, before you will be allowed to enter the company, you will have to pass through some security checks (the number of checks varies depending on the company).

Your identification card is one of the credentials that will be required to pass through the security checks. The name on it can be used to confirm from the office if you have an interview with the company.

Your national ID and driver’s license are two of the top identification card you should take along with you when reflecting on what to bring to a job interview.

#2: A notebook and pen

A notebook and pen are two essential items to bring to a job interview. There are so many benefits of taking a notebook and pen along with you to an interview. First, you will be able to jot down important notes about the company, the position, and also possible questions to ask the interviewer.

Secondly, from the notes you write, you can be able to craft an outstanding thank-you note to send the interviewer after the interview.

And most importantly, going with a notebook and pen after you’ve meditated on what to bring to a job interview, shows that you are ready and fully prepared. The interviewer will see you as someone organized.

Tips: Always ask your interviewer for permission before you start to take notes. And don’t allow taking notes to stop you from keeping eye contact with the interviewer.

#3: Copies of your resume

When you are going for an interview, copies of your resume are essential documents that you cannot do without. There are so many reasons you need to take a resume along with you when you are going for a job interview.

  • Your interviewer might print the wrong resume
  • There might be more than one interviewer
  • You may want to sight some key information in it

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Once you bring out some copies of your resume from your folder when an interviewer is looking for means to get one of your resumes, he or she will be impressed at your readiness for the interview and will flow well with you during the interview.

#4: Questions to ask the interviewer

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An effective interview tip that can help you ace your interview is asking your interviewer questions. If you are going for an interview and thinking of what to bring to a job interview, you should take along with your some important questions to ask the interviewer.

After you have conducted your research about the company, an informational interview, you should be able to compile some questions about the company’s culture, core values, and challenges about the company.  Most interviewers are always willing to have a conversation on the questions you ask them, especially when you ask them personal questions.

#5: References

Bring a printed list of references along with you when considering what to bring to a job interview.

Depending on how well your interview is going, along the line, your interviewer might ask you to give him/her/a list of references.   At least go with three lists of references along with their respective contact information. Once you can provide such references during your interview, it will help speed up the hiring process.

Before you go for the interview and plan to take a list of references along with you to the interview, contact the people on the list about the interview so that they can prepare to receive a call from the company should they call them.

#6: Directions to the interview venue

After all your preparations, you don’t want late arrival to jeopardize your chances of getting the job. A tested direction to the interview venue should be taken along with you when you want to go to a job interview.

The ideal time you should arrive at a job interview is within 10 – 15 minutes, but if you are using public transportation you should add additional time due to unexpected interruptions that may come up on the way. And if you cannot make it before the time for the interview, you should contact the person in charge of the interview about the delay. More often than not they’ll be understanding, but respect them for their time.

#7: Work samples

Depending on the type of job you are applying for, bringing your work samples to the interview is a good option to consider when you are thinking of what to bring to a job interview.

If a printed version of your work samples will not look professional or may cost you big bucks for printing (e.g. website design, graphics design, animation, etc), you should consider taking your system along with you.

And if your work samples are hand-made work, you should bring some of the samples along with you instead of taking photos of the samples.

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#8: Genuine smile

After you have considered what to bring to a job interview, on the day of the interview you might forget some of the items you need to bring to the interview. But a genuine smile can cover up things you forget to bring.

Showing a positive attitude with a genuine smile will pass a message to the hiring manager that you are enthusiastic and excited about the job.

#9: Water

In some interviews, you may be provided with a bottle of water, while in others you may not be provided with water. To avoid dry mouth, you should go to the interview with your own bottle of water so that whenever you feel any sign of dry mouth that might interrupt you from speaking well, drink the water.


Apart from your preparations to tackle interview questions, interview outfits to wear and other interview tips that can help you ace your interview, it is important you keep the above mention items in mind when you want to go for an interview.

That’s it on my guide on what to bring to a job interview

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