20 Great Tips On What To Look For When Buying A Laptop

20 Quick Tips For What To Look For When Buying A New Laptop / Computer - Inemac

What To Look For When Buying A Laptop

There are instances when one wants to buy a laptop but would be confused on how to choose the type of laptop that would be comfortable or suitable for use on a particular purpose and also a laptop that would serve for a long time to come.


A laptop is a device used to do one or two things in the office, school or anywhere conveniently. It is portable and easy to use. It can also be used to do anything or perform tasks online and offline. It is a simpler version of the desktop which can be carried at will conveniently anywhere one wishes to carry it to. People buy a laptop for one reason or the other. A laptop can be used for businesses, schools, games, offices and many more. The intentions or reasons for buying a laptop will compel you to look deep and carefully in choosing to have a laptop that will suit your need on the particular assignment or project one wants to embark on or want to do. But the question is, should I buy a laptop, how can one have a good laptop, what are the things to look for when buying a new laptop and what are the specification of a good laptop?

20 Quick Tips For What To Look For When Buying A New Laptop / Computer

1. Battery Life

The Battery Life of a laptop is an important thing to take note of. The longer the battery life of a laptop, the more enjoyable it is to use it when not connected to power. There are at times one encounters power shortages or one would travel on a long journey without the use of power on the ground. The stronger and longer battery life will give the laptop an edge at all times. The longer, stronger Battery Life is also an important thing to consider when buying a new laptop. If there is little or no battery life in a laptop, it would frustrate or discourage the user from using it. It is preferably okay to have a laptop with a battery of about 8+ hours of battery life for use.

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2. Weight Of The Laptop

The bigger the size of the laptop, the more weight it has. But nowadays, laptops are built in such a way that the bigger the laptop, the lighter it becomes. Some want to buy a bigger size laptop but are discouraged because the laptop is heavier to carry and when placed in a laptop bag, it becomes heavier. Because of this, they look for a bigger laptop with a lighter weight. Some would like it bigger and heavier that way.  At times, small laptops have much weight and some people would not mind at all and some would mind and opt for a much lighter weight. This is also one of the things to consider when buying a computer/laptop.

3. Keyboard Light Of A Laptop

There are keyboards with a light built inside the keyboard. It comes on anytime the laptop is switched on. This is more useful when you want to type or make use of the keyboard at night or in an environment where everywhere is dark. The keyboard will be filled with light for a clearer view and convenience when typing. This is also what to look for when buying a laptop.

4. Screen Resolution Of The Laptop

When you talk about the screen of a laptop, some things are involved and need to be considered. For example, the resolution of a laptop is important. This is where the view of the laptop from the person seeing it should be clear and be of high quality and clarity. Many would mind and have a laptop with clear and high resolution but some would not even care about it.

5. Size Of The Laptop

The sizes of laptops come in different forms and ranges. This is where different people specify their choices and would like to go for one unique and desired size or nothing else. The sizes of laptops ranging from 11.6 inches to 17.3 inches. 11.6 inches being the smallest and 17.3 being a big size. Some people admire the moderate one of about 15.6 inches because they would see the real things in a bigger form. Some would love the small-sized laptop to be able to carry it in their bag. It is also portable to use at any point in time. It is also ideal for those who go about their businesses or travel more often. Women and children, most especially admire small-sized laptop and the male folks mostly go out for moderate or big-sized laptops. When buying a new laptop, one must go for which is more convenient to use, sizes preferable and easy or convenient to carry without stress.

6. Screen Of The Laptop

When we talk about the screen of the laptop, it is of two (2) types, the touch screen and the normal screen. The touch screen is loved by some and not needed by others as well. With the touch screen, you can tap or click on what you desire on the screen and it will perform the required task needed of it and you will achieve what you want. With the normal screen, you cannot do that. You will need the mouse to perform such a task. One a second thought, the touch screen is very sensitive and anyone who wants to make use of it must be very careful about how he or she makes use of it. If it is wrongly or carelessly used, the screen will get cracked or broken and some of the required functions needed by the screen to be carried out when tapped will not be achieved because of the sensitivity of the screen has been tampered with. Anyone buying a laptop with a touch screen should be extra careful and apply much caution for the laptop. For those who are so busy and would not have time for extra caution of the touch screen of the laptop, should go for the normal screen and apply the use of the mouse to carry out desired tasks.

7. Brand Of Laptop

There is a need to check for the brand of laptop you intend to buy and where to buy a laptop. There are the best places to buy a laptop. There are many brands of laptop and you need to enquire and look out for them. What might appeal to others might not appeal to you or vice versa. Try as much as possible to look out for where there are laptops for sale and get the brand of laptop, get the adequate and necessary information on all the brands so you would choose what you want so that you would be pleased or comfortable using the Brand in question.

8. Soft Touch Keyboard Of A Laptop

For one to enjoy using a laptop, one of the things to have in mind or consider is the flexibility or soft touch of the keyboard on the laptop. Some keyboards on the laptop are hard when using it, making it difficult for the user to type on the laptop. The soft-touch of the keyboard is one of the things to look out for. If the keyboard is easy and convenient to use, it will be a worthwhile experience.

9. Random Access Memory

Random Access Memory is also denoted as RAM. This makes the applications being carried out on a system to run at the same time and many Data can be accessed at will without stress. RAM ranges from 2Gig, 4 Gig, 8 Gig, 16 Gig, 32 Gig, 128 Gig, 256 Gig, 512 Gig. The higher the Gig (Gigabyte or Terabyte) on your laptop, the faster, the performance and speed on your laptop. The lower the RAM, the slower the pace of the laptop. A higher RAM is needed on a laptop.

10. Central Processing Unit Of A Laptop

The Central Processing Unit of a laptop talks a lot about the speed of the laptop. It ranges from Dual Core, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7. The higher the Core Processors, the higher the speed, multimedia tasks, multi-tasking and the better the performance of the system. These core processors are products of Intel. There are other brands of processor speed with higher performances as well which can be looked into and acquired based on desire. The higher the Processor speed, the better it is for gaming, graphic work, video production and higher workload or use.

11. Hard Drive Of A Laptop

The Hard Drive of a laptop or a system is the storage capacity of that particular laptop or system. This allows information or data to be stored and ready for use at any point in time. The sizes or capacity of the laptop goes from one range to the other. The range is from Gigabyte to Terabyte. It can be 5 Gig, 20 Gig, 300 Gig, 500 Gig, 1 Terabyte e.t.c. The capacity of the Hard Drive varies and whichever capacity you need, you go for it. The higher the Gigabyte or Terabyte, the higher the number of Data or information it can store or accommodate. For someone or Professions that deal with bigger files, they would need a bigger Hard Drive and for those who do not have anything to do with bigger files, can do with a smaller Hard Drive. When a smaller Hard Drive is used, It can be upgraded with the time desired by the user. If the Hard Drive is full, it will somehow reduce the performance of the system. So, it is better to go for a Hard Drive with a higher capacity to increase the productivity of the laptop.

12. 2 In 1 Laptop

This kind of laptop is regarded as Hybrid Device. This is a laptop that can be used as a laptop and also a notepad. Whenever one wants to use a laptop, there is a detachable keyboard and screen which can be extended and will be used in the form of a laptop. If one is through with it and wants to access it as a Notepad, it would be slotted together into one and can be used as a Notepad. The form of the notepad can as well be used as a Tablet. It serves 2 purposes, Laptop and tablet at the same time. For anyone who needs something like this can go for it.

13. The Need For Port

A laptop being bought has several ports that can be used for external functions. Examples are USB port used for USB Keyboard, Printer or any USB external cord, VGA port, HDMI port and many others. These ports are needed for use should in case one needs it. This is one thing also to look out for.

14. The Need For DVD ROM

There will always be a need for the use of CD (Compact Disc) to play movies or do some installations of software. It is also needed when anyone wants to get information from the CD. For a laptop without DVD Drive, it will not be easy to get any information or Data from the CD. There is always a need for DVDs and also an important thing to watch out for when buying a new laptop. This is one thing to check out for.

15. Touchpad

It would be ideal to have a very good and sensitive touchpad on the laptop for use when there is no mouse on ground. Some laptops have faulty Touchpad and it would be ideal to use a good and functional Touchpad. It is also of an added advantage using a pointing stick (Nub) which stays between the H and G keys situated on the keyboard and can be used easily with your hands still on the keyboard.

16. Having In Mind Your Budget

If you would love to buy a laptop of your taste but you could not because your budget is not up to what you have in mind. You then have to look deep into what you have in mind and the purpose of why you have intentions of buying the laptop and meet any technician, seller or dealer on your choice as regards laptop,  who will then guide you thoroughly on the best laptop configuration or specification of the laptop to use as regards your budget.

17. Laptop In Good Condition

It is very important that when you have the intention and are ready to buy a laptop, you should go all out to examine and test what you intend to buy and make sure it is okay for use and possibly have a guarantee on the laptop. This will give you more confidence and assurance on the kind of laptop you intend to buy.

18. Graphics

For clarity on the graphics of the laptop, you need to consider what kind of Bit the laptop has. It can be 32 Bits or 64 Bits Operating system. Any laptop that has 64 Bits will have a high graphic value of whatever image you view on the laptop screen. Buying a laptop for gaming and high graphic or constructional work in this regard is good.

19. The Need For Connection

For those who are lovers and users of the internet, they would have to look further on the need for how they would love their laptops being connected to the internet. People like that would have to go for a laptop with WIFI which would allow them to access internet connectivity through the use of the internet on phone or Modem to their WIFI on the laptop for them to browse freely at will. With the WIFI on, there is also the need for Bluetooth. This is needed for information or Data to be transferred from any medium to the laptop and vice versa. Also needed are HeadPhone and Mic. A laptop without all these will kind of restrict access to information via those mediums.

20. The Need For Operating System

Operating System is the bedrock or backbone of any laptop or computer to work on. There are various types of operating systems. Without the Operating System, no application can be installed or use on that laptop.  They are Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 2020, to mention just a few. Anyone of the Operating that you are comfortable to operate with and also compatible with the laptop, is what you should be looking out to be installed in your laptop for use. This is also a guide to buy a laptop.
From the above procedure, is the guide to buy a new laptop, it is obvious that before one can buy a good and recommended laptop, virtually all the options above are what one must have in mind before buying the laptop. Above are the quick tips on what to look for when buying a laptop.

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