WhatsApp Transfer – 12 (Twelve) Quick Tips For WhatsApp Transfer To New Phone

WhatsApp Transfer - 12 (Twelve) Quick Tips For WhatsApp Transfer To New Phone - Inemac


Whatsapp transfer to new phone is done most times when one gets a smartphone through purchase or gift. The first thing in mind is to make the new phone acquired be as the old phone or better than the old phone in terms of better usage of the new one but one of the apps being used by mostly all smartphone users is WhatsApp. The question on mind will be what can be done to have all data or detail on the old phone contained in WhatsApp transfer to new phone.

Some people are left in the dark on how they can retrieve or transfer all their information from their old smartphone to their new smartphone. When they acquire their new smartphone and open WhatsApp. Later to discover that information is not retrieved or transferred, they get disappointed. From the following illustrations below, all questions as regards this would be solved and sorted out well enough for you to understand.

In order to have this done and achieved, one would need to have a Google account. This is needed to synchronize data in both smartphones. There is a need also for one to have data on smartphones or get connected to wifi.

12 (Twelve) Quick Tips For WhatsApp Transfer To New Phone

The first thing to do is to back up details or information on WhatsApp on the old phone. If this is done, it will be easier to retrieve all the information from the former phone to the new phone.

Whatapp Transfer, Backup And Restore – WhatsApp Transfer

Below are the steps to recover Whatsapp information from the former phone to the new phone.
Firstly, there are some steps or procedures for you to do on your former smartphone for you to accomplish recovering data from your former Smartphone to your new Smartphone.
1. Click on the Whatsapp icon on your former smartphone and allow it to open fully, check at the upper right-hand corner of the Whatsapp chat and you will notice “3 dots” there.
2. You would click on it. It will then bring out a drop down menu.
3. When the settings option is opened, another menu will be prompted open. You will look for the “CHATS” option.
4. When the CHATS option is clicked, you will observe another menu open up. You will then look for the “chat back up” option and click on it.

5. You would observe a backup box that is linked to your Google drive. Click on it. This would upload all information on your Whatsapp to your Google drive acting as a backup on your Google account for you to upload it to your new Smartphone.

All these above will be done on the former or old phone.
The procedures or steps below would be done on the new phone.
Firstly, what will be at the back of our mind will be to restore all information from the old phone to the new smartphone.
6. You should activate your play store using your desired Gmail which you acknowledged as the goggle account used as a back up in backing up you WhatsApp account on your old phone.
7. You would go to your play store on your new smartphone and download WhatsApp.
8. You would click on it. Since it is new, it will prompt you to allow you to set up Whatsapp on your new phone.
9. You would type in your number. This would be followed up by you verifying your number by typing it again based on a request from WhatsApp.

10. You would click on next and this will prompt you to download backup and install it on your new smartphone.

11. You will click on the option that is given to you to click which will enable you to transfer all the backup information you did on your former phone to your new phone. This will be done on the Gmail or Google account you used on the former phone now on your new Smartphone.
12. You will notice that Whatsapp will now download all your charts, videos, music, documents and all the information from your former Smartphone to your new smartphone. 

The process of whatsApp transfer to new phone illustrated above will enable you to carry the transfer out successfully.

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