Your business runs fast. It needs
an Internet service provider that
can keep up.

AT&T Home Office Connectivity provides employees with business-class internet, so they can access the applications they need to help keep your business running in the new work-from-home model.
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AT&T High-Speed Internet – Enterprise*Highly secure, highly reliableSpeeds up to 1GbpsSymmetric/asymmetric connection available for fiber-based servicesDynamic/static IP addressing optionsSingle contractOn-site installationConsolidated invoice for multiple locations
Optional – Global Security Gateway Select (GSG)Gain visibility into application usage and web traffic for virtually all users, devices, and locations provide highly secure access to specific applications by role or by user help protect users against viruses, ransomware, and other web-based threats enforced acceptable use policies by restricting what websites can be access analyze encrypted web traffic, removing the burden of SSL inspection from firewalls
Optional – Internet BackupHigher reliability via automatic failover over our wireless network

*If AT&T High-Speed Internet – Enterprise is not currently available in your area, AT&T can provide you with AT&T Wireless Broadband.

AT&T Home Office Connectivity is not an ordinary internet connection.  Your remote employees can expect optimal performance and scalability on a highly reliable, highly secure network.

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AT&T Home Office Connectivity

As more employees are working remotely, your business needs to deliver consistent, highly secure connectivity to help employees maintain performance. This solution provides:

  • A separate network connection to take employees off personal internet
  • Business continuity between employees working at home and in the office
  • All at great value and easy to order
  • Utilizes AT&T High Speed Internet – Enterprise*

AT&T High-Speed Internet-Enterprise provides you
super-fast Internet access using multiple broadbands
access technologies. With the features, you need to
stay connected to your customers, business partners,
suppliers and employees.
• Speeds up to 1Gbps
downstream/upstream at an
affordable price
• Reliability you can count on –
optimal performance,
scalability over AT&T’s highly
secure network
• High capacity to support
multiple employees that need
simultaneous Internet access
• The ability to support a Wi-Fi
network for your employees or
your customers
• Symmetric and Asymmetric
speeds from 768Kbps up to
• Static and Dynamic IP
• Single contract and invoice
for all locations
• Wi-Fi networking via Router
or Fiber Broadband Gateway
• Wireless Internet Backup
(optional add-on feature)
• On-site installation by AT&T
Potential benefits:
• Quickly upload, download
and share large data files
• Easily back up to the cloud
from one or more data
• Video conference with
customers, suppliers and
business partners
• Faster research and
browsing on the web

  • Installation charges may
    apply depending on service
    option ordered.
    AT&T High Speed Internet – Enterprise
    Consolidate and save
    AT&T High Speed Internet – Enterpriseoffers
    • Single contract and discounting covering multiple
    Broadband technologies
    • Consolidated invoice for all sites ordered
    • Enterprise Customer Care – one number to call for
    Service Delivery, Service Assurance or Billing
    • Tools for prequalification, site design,
    and billing information
    • Platform to support over-the-top
    customer applications
    Broadband Access
    Customer locations may qualify for several transport
    options provisioned using copper, a combination of
    copper and fiber, or all fiber. For customers in AT&T
    Fiber ready buildings, service is provisioned on
    Ethernet over fiber up to 1Gbps with asymmetrical
    and symmetrical options.
    Reliability in the Network
    AT&T is a leading Tier-1 Internet service provider
    with a high performing IP network and service level
    agreements including install intervals, network
    availability, network latency and packet loss.
    AT&T High Speed Internet – Enterprise is no ordinary
    Internet connection. Businesses can expect reliability,
    optimal performance, and scalability on a highly
    secure network from one of the world’s leading
    service providers.
    What can you do with faster
    Internet speeds?
    • Ready access to AT&T’s high-speed fiber backbone
    at qualifying building locations.
    • Quickly upload, download, and share large data files
    and images.
    • Easybackupinthe cloud at oneor multiple locations.
    • Video conference with suppliers, customers, and
    business partners.
    • Reliability, optimal performance scalability, and
    great security features.